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Product: Project tracking app

Role: UX Writer

For: Student project

Year: 2020

For my final project with UX Writers Collective, I overhauled the copy and content design of Handshake, a fictional project tracking and invoicing app for freelancers and their clients.

Project Brief

Provide a platform for freelancers and clients to track job proposals, progress, and billing.

Primary Persona

Kelly is tech savvy and likes things to be quick and simple. But she's new to freelancing and could use a little hand-holding.

Freelancer Tasks

  • Invite Business Owners to the app

  • Create new projects

  • Propose a budget for a project

  • Track hours worked

  • Send invoices to Business Owners

  • Receive payments from Business Owners

Secondary Persona

Tom also appreciates simplicity, but he wants to know that the work is getting done. He likes budget transparency and regular progress updates.

Client Tasks

  • Invite Freelancer or accept a project

  • Review and accept a budget for a project

  • See hours tracked against the budget

  • Send payments

Before + After

I was given a Figma file and tasked with editing the UI. This included editing and fleshing out copy, shaping the voice, and revising elements to facilitate usability. While I was at it, I updated the primary color for improved accessibility.




Project Setup: Freelancer



Project Setup: Client