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Machinima Brand Marketing

Machinima was one of the largest YouTube networks for gaming entertainment, managing thousands of affiliate channels and producing quality original programming.

Product: Email marketing campaigns

Role: Content Strategist + Campaign Manager

For: Machinima PR + Programming

Years: 2012–2014

Email Campaigns
The Team
  • Graphic Designer: Mario Herrera

  • Director of Communications: Kat Jones

The Challenge

Despite its healthy number of subscribers, Machinima's fan newsletter had been largely neglected. I brought it back to life, curating exciting content each week, working with the design team, and managing the distribution of each campaign.

The Result
  • 30% subscription increase

  • 45% click rate improvement


Product: Standards guide

Role: Researcher, Copywriter, Designer

For: Machinima Partners

Year: 2013

Director Best Practices
The Team
  • Head of Creative Solutions: Chris Denson

The Challenge

Machinima's multi-channel YouTube network comprised tens of thousands of content creators, all with varying degrees of technical expertise. The company needed a way to educate its affiliates to help them hone their videos and channels.

The Result

I collaborated with various company stakeholders to create the Directors Best Practices. See select slides here, or view the complete guide.


Product: Marketing persona

Role: Copywriter, Designer

For: Machinima Sales

Year: 2013

Fanboy Millennial
The Team
  • Graphic Designer: Mario Herrera

  • VP of Trade Marketing: Cassandra Nuttall

The Challenge

A key part of Machinima's growth lay in its brand partnerships. But how to convince advertisers to invest millions of dollars in online entertainment revolving around young gamers? 

The Result

Gleaning supportive figures from our Marketing Analytics department, I developed a persona—the Fanboy Millennial—to help educate prospective partners on the rich investment potential of young gamers and the entertainment they love. 


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Product Management + Content Strategy

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Product Design + Branding


Scriptwriting + Art Direction

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