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Product: Language app

Role: UX Designer

For: Student project

Year: 2020


For my first UX project with CareerFoundry, I designed a language learning app. I researched the problem space and competitive landscape, interviewed users and created a proto-persona, and built and tested a clickable prototype. It was a great foundational learning experience.


The Competition

The best place to start is to see what others are already doing; learn from what they get right and what could improve. I explored the top four language learning apps—Duolingo, Babble, Busuu, and Rosetta Stone—and analyzed each from a UX perspective. 

User Research Interviews

In the next phase of research, I interviewed four current users of language apps to learn about their language learning motivations, goals, and experiences with various educational tools.

User Interviews


From those interviews, I formed my user persona: Carrie. I'd refer back to Carrie and her needs throughout the rest of the project's development.


Carrie needs a convenient way to speak Spanish interactively and consistently with others, because just doing exercises on an app is not enough for her to learn effectively. We will know this to be true when we see Carrie advancing her language level by using both flashcard features and social features in tandem.


I believe that by creating a multi-pronged platform that pairs proven repetition drills and audiovisual tools with a social/community aspect, we will achieve a 25% higher success rate in learning pace, comprehension, retention, and persistence.

User Flows

User Flows

I narrowed down Carrie's top needs to: 1) learning new vocabulary, and 2) practicing conversation.



Based on the above two flows, I drafted my first wireframe iterations.